Moose track on Tunis BkROWFebruary – Tunis Brook Mill Lot

An easy hike to a hidden historic site. FULL DIRECTIONS


Januimg_2387ary – Hudson Farm & the AT

A hike on two historic trails. FULL DIRECTIONS


December – Behemoths of Balch HillMarch 8

The perfect quick and easy hike for holiday guests. FULL DIRECTIONS


rinker-pond-2November – Rinker-Steele Natural Area

A hike to the bottom of Lake Hitchcock. FULL DIRECTIONS


October – Girl Brook & Pine Parkimg_2185

A trail between two worlds. FULL DIRECTIONS


 September – Paine Road in the Trescott LandsPaine-Rd

A gentle 2-mile hike through history. FULL DIRECTIONS


August – The South EskerIMG_1688

A gentle 1-mile loop hike down by the river, close to town. FULL DIRECTIONS


IMG_0369July – The White Ledges of Moose Mountain

A quick but invigorating 1.1 mile mountain hike to a dramatic rock formation. FULL DIRECTIONS  ~ About the Mayor-Niles Forest


June – The Velvety Ledges of Greensboro RidgeSilentBrook2

A quick but invigorating 1.5 mile loop hike close to town. FULL DIRECTIONS


May – Waterfalls of Slade BrookSLADE-FALLS

An easy, mostly flat one-mile walk along a lovely stream. This is a good spring hike, when the falls are often at their best. DOWNLOAD FULL DIRECTIONS


 April – Mink Brook Nature Preserve

An easy, nearly flat 45-minute walk along Hanover’s largest stream to a special spot. The perfect lunch-hour restorative if you work downtown.  DOWNLOAD FULL DIRECTIONS


March – Trescott Trails: Knapp Road & Ascutney View

interior signageAn easy and invigorating 1 ½ hour walk on historic roads, offering extraordinary views.  DOWNLOAD FULL DIRECTIONS

Welcome to your water source! Special rules apply. Dogs must be leashed at all times; please pick up after your pet. More about the Trescott Water Company Lands, including a downloadable trail map.


February – Mill Pond Forest and Dana Pastures

Vermont views from Moose Mountain's Dana PastureA gentle walk through fine high-elevation wildlife habitat, offering extraordinary views. DOWNLOAD FULL DIRECTIONS