Water Company Land Position Statement

Position Statement on the Municipalization of the Hanover Water Works Company:

The Board of Directors of the Hanover Conservation Council, at a meeting on April 27, 2009, unanimously adopted the following summary and position statement regarding the municipalization of the Hanover Water Works Company.


The Hanover Conservation Council supports the proposal to consider municipalization of the Hanover Water Works Company and the new 50:50 ownership and governance structure of a reconstituted land management company.

The Council believes the open discussion of the proposal is an important step forward and provides the opportunity to explore future possibilities for stronger land protection, consistent with the Council’s mission and the stated aims of the Town Master Plan and Open Space Priorities Plan.


The Council supports the vision in the Town of Hanover Master Plan and Open Space Priorities Plan for greater protection of the Water Company lands, which comprise the largest undeveloped, ecologically-significant tract remaining in Hanover. We believe there are several available conservation options. Following the town vote to consider municipalization of the HWWC, the Council proposes to partner with the Town and the College and begin a long range plan for the protection of this land. The goals will be to increase our collective knowledge and understanding, and to facilitate community dialogue about future conservation options and public uses. The findings will be open for public discussion and will help guide sound decision-making for the future of the watershed lands and their essential drinking water reservoirs.

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