Lands & Trails

We’ve been involved in the protection of more than 2000 acres of land in the Upper Valley since our founding in 1961.

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Hanover Hike of the Month

Try out our new series of hikes, short and not so short, to a hidden Hanover destination near you. Detailed directions and background on what you’ll encounter here.


The Hanover Conservancy invites you to enjoy our beautiful conserved properties and trails. Share your photos with us; we would love to feature them on our website or social media! Please contact us with any comments or concerns about a property, or if you observe any inappropriate uses. And thank you to our volunteers for maintaining the trails!

Balch Hill is a favorite with families
Balch Hill is a favorite with families

Balch Hill Natural Area

Greensboro Ridge Natural Area

Lower Slade Brook Natural Area

Mayor-Niles Forest

McKinley Tract

Mill Pond Forest & Huggins Trail Access

Mink Brook Nature Preserve

Moister Meadow

Rinker-Steele Natural Area

Shumway Forest

Tunis Brook Mill Lot


Permitted Uses

  • Foot travel – hike, snowshoe, ski. A few designated trails are open to bicycles.
  • Pack in, pack out.  Leave No Trace principles should be followed by all users.  Waste receptacles invite animals, so we don’t put them out.
  • Dogs under leash or voice control are permitted on all Conservancy properties.  Owners should pick up after their pets, especially along trails, and not allow their animals to stray or chase wildlife.
  • Research may take place on the property if it has been approved by Conservancy staff. We’ll ask you to share what you learn with us.  No research activities should degrade the resources of the property or obstruct trails.
  • Organized groups are welcome to use our properties, but please get in touch in advance so we can share the permitted uses and restrictions on the property.

Prohibited Uses

  • No tracked or wheeled vehicles, fires, hunting, camping, combat games (including paintball), hoofed domestic animals (including horses), or removal of vegetation are allowed on any Hanover Conservancy properties.
  • No structures, temporary or permanent.
  • No dumping of any kind, including yard and household wastes.

Management Plans

Management Plans and Natural Resource Inventories for Conservancy lands are available at our office – 71 Lyme Road in Hanover. Please contact us for more information.