Mink Brook Nature Preserve Protected!

Valley News – Thursday, March 11, 1999 (PDF format)

A special thanks to all our volunteers and supporters who made this effort possible.

As recently as mid-November 1998 residential development of the Barrett-Ransmeier land on the Mink Brook in Hanover seemed imminent. In a remarkable turnabout, less than three months later the Hanover Conservation Council assumed ownership and responsibility for stewardship of this remarkable property on behalf of the people of Hanover, their children, and for future generations.

As the Mink Brook Nature Preserve, this land, which is home to wildlife including deer, fisher, and fox – as well as mink – will be maintained as a place where people can repair to enjoy the solitude and beauty of wild nature. All within walking distance of downtown Hanover.

The Hanover Conservation Council expresses its thanks and admiration to all who have made this possible:

… to the Barrett and Ransmeier families, who knew and loved this land, and who shared our joy when conservation became a viable alternative to development,

… to the anonymous donor, whose initial magnificent challenge gift galvanized the community to accomplish what so recently seemed impossible,

… to The Upper Valley Land Trust, whose staff skillfully transformed that challenge into an achievable community project,

… to a special friend of the Hanover Conservation Council, whose support provided a giant step toward meeting that challenge and assured ultimate success of the project,

… to the volunteer fundraising committee, whose enthusiasm and persistence met the goal in the time that most committees take to get themselves organized,

… to the over 450 donors, large and small, members of the Council and others, who responded to the challenge and made the dream a reality.

Hanover Conservation Council Board of Directors
Robert Norman,  Edwin  Chamberlain, Shawn Donovan, Stephens Fowler, Patricia Higgins, James Hornig, Hugh Mellert, and Karen Watson.

For more information contact the HCC at 643-3433

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