Rinker-Steele Walk

Edge of the Steele tractA small group met at the Area 5 pavilion today to walk through the Rinker-Steele tract.  This area is made up of two parcels, the Steele tract, acquired by the town of Hanover in 2010, and the Rinker tract, which was acquired in the 70’s.  These two areas are between the Storrs Pond Recreation Area, Oak Hill and Dartmouth’s Organic Farm, and all together they make up a great set of resources and trails for the community.

The trip was led by Vicki Smith, Senior Planner for the Town of Hanover.  She has been intimately involved with these lands, and is very familiar with the history and their natural features.

The walk today started at Area 5, continued through the meadow along the edge of the Steele tract.  The main trail in that area remains closed due to many trees still down.  Near the dam, we saw some of the old growth hemlock, some 200 to 300 years old.  The area is steep and inaccessible, which explains why they were never logged.

We then walked over the Storrs Pond dam, and down to Rinker pond, near Route 10 at the bottom of Chieftain Hill.

Thanks very much to Vicki Smith, and to the Hanover Improvement Society for allowing us to use the Area 5 parking area.

Valley News article
Valley News article


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