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Watch for blowdowns

The windstorm of Oct. 29-30 visited our trails and it will take time to clear all the paths. Our volunteers made much progress at Balch Hill on 10/31 and at Lower Slade Brook on 11/4. Please get in touch to report other obstructions. New volunteers always welcome!

Take a Hike

Now that a beautiful (but fleeting) summer is upon us, it’s time to head out on the trail. Check our Hikes of the Month for detailed routes and the stories behind them.  There’s still time to sign up for the Fourth Annual Hanover Trails Challenge! Continue Reading

Post-Storm Trail Conditions

On July 1, Mother Nature reminded us who’s in charge. Most of our trails are in good condition except for a few spots at the Mink Brook Nature Preserve – two blow-downs on the Trout Brook Trail and a small missing bridge on the Sachem Connector Trail. At Slade Brook, trails are clear and the… Continue Reading